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Yellow Lines Parking Ticket

Yellow Line Parking - the are two types of yellow line. Single yellow lines and double yellow lines.

Parking on double yellow lines Double- double yellow line rules

Double yellow lines are in operation all day every day and generally mean you may not park there at any time. However there may be supplementary plates that indicate that the parking restriction only applies to certain times. However if there is no plate then you should assume that the double yellow lines mean no parking at any time. You may only stop on a double yellow line

> in an emergency
> if you have broken down
> if you are instructed to so by the police
> to change a flat tyre

You may stop to load or unload your vehicle.

An offence occurs as soon as you stop, there is not "a few minutes grace" which many people think there is.

The yellow lines should be clearly marked and not badly broken. There does NOT need to be a plate affixed to lamposts for double yellow lines.

Single yellow line rulesSingle

Single yellow lines are in operation for less than 24 hours in any one day. There should be signs on lamposts to inform you of the hours that no parking is allowed unless you are in a controlled parking zone (CPZ). In a controlled parking zone there should be signs on all approach roads. So - can you park on single yellow lines? Yes, outside their hours of operation.


Can a blue badge holder park on yellow lines? The answer is generally yes as long as they are not causing an obstruction to other road users or pedestrians.

If you want to beat a parking ticket or use yellow line loopholes, it may well be worth consulting a lawyer who specializes in appeals against parking fines. Parking ticket.

 Yellow lines parking ticket - grounds for appeal
- Yellow lines should be clearly sign posted with no obstructions
- If lines are barely visible or badly broken you should appeal
- Single yellow lines must end with a bar at right angles to the line (unless it adjoins a double yellow line or parking bay etc). If this is missing, you could have a very strong case for an appeal.
- There must also be a sign on every lamp post along the length of a single yellow line unless it is govern by a CPZ (Control Parking Zone) sign

Yellow Line Parking