Parking Ticket

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Red Lines Parking Ticket

Red Line Parking - the are two types of red line. Single red lines and double red lines.

Red Routes have stopping restrictions in place and were introduced to keep roads clear and improve the flow of traffic. They are identified by the red lines and signs along the route.

Stopping on a red route during restricted times can result in a parking fine or your vehicle being towed away.

Parking on single red lines

Stopping, loading or picking up or setting down passengers is not allowed between restricted hours.

Parking on double red lines

Stopping is not allowed at any time. This is not just saying that you may not park but that you may not stop even momentarily.

Stopping Boxes These are clearly marked on the road.

Red Boxes: parking or loading is allowed during the off-peak time (normally between 10am and 4pm). Variations will apply you must look at the sign to see what applies.

White Boxes: parking or loading is allowed at any time of day. Times and conditions are clearly indicated on the signs displayed next to the box.