Parking Ticket

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Parking in parking bays

Pay & Display/ Permit Bays are individual bays within a parking place which is provided for the leaving of a vehicle upon payment or display of a permit or voucher as required.

You may park, load or unload in a parking bay as long as it is not a diplomatic parking bay or suspending parking bay. If a parking bay is suspended you should find an alternative place to park as you may get a penalty charge notice.

Pay & Display/ Permit bays are found within controlled parking zones.

Pay and Display Parking Bays

You are required to pay and collect your ticket at the nearest machine. You are not allowed time to get change for the machine. Your ticket must be displayed on car window kerb side or dash board to avoid a PCN
Make sure you park correctly and your vehicle is clearly within the road markings. And that you are aware of the time your tickets expires at all times. Make sure you have enough time to get back to your car before your parking time expires.

Permit Parking Bays

In these bays you are required to display a valid permit. The bays are normally reserved for residents only but may also be used on a pay and display basis if the signs say so.

If you get a parking ticket for parking in a pay and display or permit parking bay you may appeal if:

The PCN is for outside the controlled hours
The sign was not readable
The bay was not clearly marked
The meter was not accurate


Parking Ticket - meter not working

However you are not allowed to feed the meter after your initial period you paid and you cannot park there if it is suspended or marked out of order.