Parking Ticket

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I have lost my parking ticket!

We all know it's easy to do. You get back to the car only to find that you've got a parking ticket. You rip the parking ticket off your screen and either throw it in the passenger footwell or stow it carefully in the side pocket of your door or glove box (who puts gloves in a glove box anyway?) and then a few days later you go to the car to find the parking ticket and you cannot find it. What do you do in the case of a lost parking ticket?

First of all don't panic (unless you've left it really close to the 14 day payment limit!). Find out the local authority for the area where you were parked and visit their parking enforcement page on their website. They will usually list a phone number that you can contact. If you provide them with your vehicle registration number they will be able to tell you the penalty charge number for your lost parking ticket. They may even be able to take your payment instantly over the phone for your parking ticket using your credit or debit card.