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Local Authorities and other land owners make hundreds of thousands of pounds through the issuing of car parking tickets. However, research has shown that many parking tickets have not been correctly issued. Despite this, motorists keep paying out on parking fines and the money keeps flowing in!

Illegal and inconsiderate parking is very annoying to most people and this site does not condone bad parking. The best way to avoid parking fines is to ensure that you park legally. However, there is no excuse for parking attendants and traffic wardens to issue parking tickets incorrectly.

Parking Ticket Loopholes

Many motorists pay their parking ticket fine even when they have a valid defence either because they don't know the parking ticket rules, don't have time to appeal or don't realise they have grounds to beat a parking ticket. Download Beat Your Parking Ticket now for details of parking ticket loopholes.

Our website is designed to give you simple, easy to understand information so you can decide whether to fight your parking ticket. Statistics seem to show that it is worth contesting a parking fine. Sources suggest that over 60% of parking ticket appeals to the London Adjudicator are succesful.

Many parking tickets are given for apparently trivial infringements - not parking entirely within the parking bay and overstaying your alloted time by a few minutes are the most common reasons for people getting parking fines.

Parking fines do not constitute a criminal offence as far as driver licencing, vehicle insurance and dbs checks are concerned. In most cases for street parking the duty of enforcement falls on the local authority and contesting a parking ticket will normally require you be to contact them using the details on the parking ticket. Make sure you read the parking ticket thoroughly including details of when payment needs to be made by and how to appeal.



All information on this site is given in good faith. However case and statute law is continually evolving. Please do not rely on the parking information on this site to find parking loopholes but consult a qualified lawyer who can advise if you have grounds to contest a parking ticket