Parking Ticket

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London Parking Ticket Exemptions

The following exemptions to parking regulations apply:

Allowing a person to get in or out of the vehicle and load or unload any personal luggage. (Normally this should not take longer than a few minutes unless the person suffers from a disability.)

Vehicles used by the fire brigade, ambulance or police services.

A vehicle in the service of a local authority, in the exercise of a statutory power, provided that it is necessary for it to wait in that position.

A vehicle taking in petrol, oil, water or air at the kerbside.

A vehicle being used for the removal of furniture from adjacent premises.

A vehicle displaying a disabled person's blue or orange badge and clock.

A vehicle prevented from moving by circumstances beyond the driver's control (e.g. broken down).

A vehicle used in the removal of an obstruction to traffic.

A vehicle waiting on the order of a police officer in uniform

A vehicle that has to stop in order to avoid an accident.

A stationary vehicle selling goods from a pitch in a restricted street whilst holding a licence from the council to do so.

A vehicle which is being used by or in the services of a military or visiting military force.

A vehicle waiting while a gate or barrier is opened/closed to allow access