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Parking Ticket Defences

There are numerous defences to parking tickets. Different defences will be relevant in different situations depending on what the alleged parking offence is.

One of the most common parking defences occurs where the road signs or road markings do not comply with the relevant road traffic regulations. For instance, where a single yellow line does not end with a bar at right angles, then usually this may prove to be a valid defence.

The other common defence to a parking ticket is where the parking ticket has not been correctly issued. If the ticket has not been correctly completed and handed to the vehicle driver or affixed to the windscreen, then this may give grounds for appeal against the parking fine.

It can also be a defence, for instance on a single yellow line if you are loading or unloading goods. You are generally allowed 20 minutes to do so but will need an independent witness if your appeal is to be succesful. This would apply to loading a fridge or large screen tv into your car from a shop but not for loading groceries or other smaller items.

In most cases for ordinary parking tickets, the first course of action is to contact the local authority who issued the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). If this is unsuccesful, the next step is to contact the Independent Parking Adjudicator. The local authority issuing the original parking ticket will give you full information about how to do this.