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Bus Lanes Ticket

No vehicles other than buses, emergency service vehicles, taxis, mail vans and bicycles are allowed to use and stop on a bus lane during specified times. You should check specific signs at the beginning of or along the route of the bus lane.

London local authorities have powers to use CCTV cameras to enforce bus lane regulations.
The law requires that the Local authority has up to 14 days to issue the penalty charge notice beginning with the date on which the authority believe the contravention occurred. The recipient then has 28 days in which to pay the penalty charge or to make representations to the local authority.

You may not enter into a bus lane, even for a short time and will expect to get a bus lane fine if cctv cameras are in operation. You should not enter a bus lane to get around another vehicle in a queue of traffic. You also should not enter a bus lane to make way for emergency vehicles. If the bus lane is needed in such cases it should be the emergency vehicle that uses it.

Notwithstanding the above, it is worth appealing if you get a bus lane ticket but think that you may have some justification, for instance:

Check carefully all of the details on the bus lane PCN and if any are incorrect, you should appeal in writing.

There is anecdotal evidence of people travelling for just a short distance in the bus lane (just a few metres) then you will not get a fine. However you should not rely on this!

All Bus lanes should indicate by way of signs its hours of operation and restrictions. If there is no sign erected and you get a parking ticket then take pictures and submit them with your appeal.